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Exile Comes to YouTube

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Innate Monster, May 11, 2017.

  1. Innate Monster

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    Apr 24, 2017
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    > Exile On YouTube <
    We just wanted to let you know that Exile is going to dominate YouTube with our awesomeness! Don't worry, we'll take it one viewer at a time. If you wanna join the fun, just sit tight and we'll get the battalion ready. Here's everything you need to know:

    | Information

    > Our YouTube army, I mean, channel will be filled with all things Exile: from updates to advertisements. But the best part is it will be filled with all people Exile. As a part of our server, you can get the chance to star on your own show and be a big part in the channel's growth and content. BuddyCrafted will be leading the team to make sure every content is a la Exile.

    | Process and Participation

    > Sadly, we don't have enough resources to hold all of you in this conquest to take over one of the biggest social media websites on the internet. But it doesn't mean you cannot try! To join the team, you can send in your submission following the template below:

    Name: Elle
    Username: Innate Monster#1273
    Age: 20 years old
    Gender: Female

    Timezone: EST
    Show Frequency: Weekly
    Show Description: Podcast with specific topics with my friend Mema, recorded and edited by me with corresponding background images as our faces will not be shown.
    Sample Clip: [insert sample clip here]
    All submissions must be sent to BuddyCrafted.
    [email protected]

    > If you are chosen, you will be given a notification and be part of the YouTube production team. Upon acceptance, you're then asked to pick a time slot which you're expected to uphold. All submissions must be posted at least a day before your show's slot. Consistency is key.

    All troll submissions will be ignored--given punishment if necessary--and you will not be eligible to send a submission from a week to a month. Do not submit your application more than once. This is a process and we will need your patience.
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